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Animation Reel ​/​ Shots Review & Notes

Eddy Okba, a seasoned professional animator with 14 years of experience at renowned studios such as Pixar, Illumination, and Sony, offers a comprehensive review of your animation reel and shots. Whether you're an aspiring animator seeking your first job or a professional looking to enhance your skills, Eddy provides personalized notes, drawovers, and valuable tips to help you reach your goals.

During a dedicated one-hour session or two 30-minute sessions, Eddy will analyze your work, taking into consideration your desired objectives and current skill level. His extensive industry experience allows him to provide insightful feedback tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most relevant and practical advice for improvement.

During the shot review process, Eddy will provide detailed notes and drawovers, mirroring the collaborative environment of a studio. This approach ensures that you receive guidance not only on the technical aspects of your animation but also on the artistic and storytelling elements that make your work stand out. By receiving feedback in a manner similar to the daily life of a studio, you gain valuable insight into the expectations and standards of the industry. This holistic approach will strengthen your animation skills and increase your chances of landing the desired job or advancing your career in animation.

Additionally, the animation reel review goes beyond just improving your individual shots. It also focuses on helping you craft a strong reel that effectively convinces recruiters and supervisors to take notice of your talent. Eddy understands the importance of creating a compelling showcase of your work that highlights your strengths and abilities.

Don't miss this opportunity to receive expert guidance and elevate your animation portfolio to new heights. Take advantage of this opportunity from a seasoned professional who knows what it takes to succeed in the industry. Eddy's expertise and passion for the craft will undoubtedly contribute to your growth as an animator.




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