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Hello, I'm Aleksi Briclot.

Aleksi Briclot is developping characters, universes and stories through images. He did some comic-books in the past for both the european market as well as some US comics books (two Spawn graphic novels for Todd MacFarlane). He would really love to do some more comics with his own stories but he's afraid of the amount of sweat and pain and the really poor pay implyied. Nevertheless he had some cool project based on a true story involving killer whales and no fantasy stuff. Aleksi also did tons of illustrations for book covers (R.A. Salvatore), comic-books covers (Marvel Annihilation : Conquest, New Avengers) and several cards illustrations (Magic : The Gathering, Hearthstone). He especially enjoy working on Magic : The Gathering. The six first Planeswalkers he created for the game seems to still be fan-favorite. Aleksi did concept arts for video-games too (Splinter Cell : Double agent, Cold Fear...) and thought that it would be funny and exciting to create his own video-game. So he co-founded the studio Dontnod Entertainment which produced Remember Me and Life Is Strange. Then it was time to move on again and go back to his child dream : the movie industry! After Thor : Ragnarok, Antman and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, Aleksi is waiting for the release of the next movies he've also worked on for Marvel Studios : Black Widow, Shang Chi and Thor : Love and Thunder!

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