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Hello, I'm Niv Shpigel.

Niv is an award winning animation filmmaker and illustrator, with experience in short films, features and video games. He is devoted to creating unique worlds with characters and stories to inhabit them.  His films were screened in more than 60 film festivals around the world and won numerous awards, including 1st Prize at the prestigious Oscar qualified Santa Barbara film festival (LOAD, 2015). Niv is also a passionate teacher. He is currently teaching design for narrative and visual storytelling in the SRH university in Berlin. His teaching philosophy is focused on helping the students with developing analytical thinking, growth mindset and setting individual goals.  www.nivshpigel.com

Reviews from customers (4)

  • CG

    This mentorship with Niv Spigel was a game-changer for me. He helped building up/integrating story in my art. He really took care about my artistic level and expanded it by asking the right questions and helping me to not only deepen the story but also put a frame on the story to not get lost. He also gave me insights as a filmmaker about how emotional impact can be created by an artist. The mentorship helped me find out weak points on my own and with his help ways and techniques to improve in visual storytelling. We always communicated on the same level which made it very easy to feel comfortable during the course.

    Christian GNovember 2023

  • Ohad Tadmor

    It was a true pleasure being mentored by Niv. Our mentorship meeting started with me sharing my vision and idea and continued with Niv answering a TON of questions I had - all in the most professional, respectful, and patient way. Niv's special balance between being on one hand a true professional and on the other, cool and eye-level speaking, makes him a great choice for young creative minds looking for a master's guidance. I have a lot of homework to do now after our talk but I'm sure I'll update Niv during the process and ill be happy to get some more mentoring from him in the future! Thanks a lot Niv.

    Ohad TAugust 2020

  • Shannon Curran

    I am SO glad I took this course! it really made me think critically in how to tell a story. From idea right down to how to compose an image, Niv is great at communicating his thoughts effectively. Everything in the class was very easy to understand. I could definitely tell he is very passionate and loves storytelling and teaching! I highly recommend this course to anyone who want to get better at storytelling and even in a broader sense-a better artist. Thank you!

    Shannon CDecember 2020

  • Anna Rausch

    Niv is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. His ability to ask the exactly right question is admirable. He takes his time to get to know you, your work, and your goals on a deeper level. He doesn't only technically analyze your work, he is interested and puts a lot of values to the story behind your artistry. He really gets involved with you as a person and the message you want to convey. He gives you exactly the right tips that bring you and your work forward or wherever you want to take it. I am a huge fan and will definitely seek out his feedback again in the future!

    Anna ROctober 2020

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