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Hello, I'm Mike Morris.

I'm a Director, Storyboard Artist, and Animation Director working in the Animation industry! I'm also a tech guy, a gamer, and IAMAG contributor. You can find my credits here on https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3373725/?ref_=fn_al_nm_3

Reviews from customers (7)

  • Pasha Potekhin

    Mike is an incredible mentor and multi-skilled professional who can help you perfect your work in every aspect. I really want to get more mentorship from Mike as soon as possible.

    Pasha POctober 2022

  • Pasha Potekhin

    Mike Morris is an amazing person and a great mentor! Mentoring with Mike helped me achieve my individual goals faster, increased my skills like more mindful and engaging storytelling and finding solutions on the go. The learning process has always been productive, fun and inspiring. Thank you Mike and the IAMAG team!

    Pasha PMarch 2021

  • Zac Mau

    Thank you so much for your time and for your feedback, that was incredibly helpful!

    Zac MMay 2022

  • William Petit

    Mike is an excellent teacher who allowed me to understand a lot of notions that I did not have is a patient and pedagogue, I am really grateful to him.

    William PMarch 2021

  • Pasha Potekhin

    Mike is the best! Learning from him is the happiest time and energizing experience. I'm grateful to Mike for everything that he taught to me. It's what I was looking for a long time and I will definitely come back for more! I recommend mentorship with Mike Morris to everyone who wants to sharpen their skills as a storyteller and to those who wants to build a solid storyboard portfolio.

    Pasha PJuly 2021

  • RC

    Everything went well.

    Robert CJanuary 2022

  • Pasha Potekhin

    It was an amazing and inspiring meeting! Mike Morris will give you an in-depth look at each panel and discuss story choices that you did, also acting and posing to help you improve your portfolio. I highly recommend to story-artists of any level to request a portfolio review from Mike Morris. Thank you very much Mike! And thanks to the IAMAG team for this site.

    Pasha PJanuary 2021

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