Sebastien Hue

9-years-experienced freelance concept artist with clients such as: Axis Studios, Amazon, Gaumont, Paizo, Ferrari, Unit Image, EA. Sebastien became Art Director in the beginning of 2022 for an indie game company called Black Ice Studios.

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Fantastic feedback!

Sebastien is very experience, and each info from his class was so helpful.

I definitely recommend Sebastien.

Rémi about listing Portfolio Review - Level up your Art 4 months ago.

As a self-taught artist you will sometimes hit a point, at which you feel the need for guidance of a seasoned professional to point at your own weak points and give you advice on how to overcome them. Sebastien Hue did exactly this for me in this one hour mentorship. He recognized the flaws in my paintings and designs instantly and explained them to me via overpaintings. It was a fun and revealing experience. The mentorship gave me a clear picture of what I have to focus on in my future projects. I would definitely recommend Sebastien’s mentorship to any student who wants to bring their art to the next level.