Private Coaching

If you're looking to jump ahead of the stages of frustration, doubt, past the trials and tests of the process, and balancing emotion with reason, as it often is the case for students who are just starting out, then my private coaching sessions are what you might need.

➡ Get the schematics you need.
I'll be making myself online for you, to understand who you are, where we can emphasize your personality and map it to your career, from deep down to the surface level. What's life like right now to you? Overcome the mental and financial blocks that are holding you back.

If you're thinking, what does this guy know that I don't? You're right, you may be, I know absolutely nothing, in fact, you shouldn't book me, go your own way. Make the same mistakes I did, for a long time and don't get the results you want. Overdesign concepts, don't design them enough, apply to jobs you were not a fit in the first place, believe industry clichés and stories and myths, spend your energy everywhere instead of where it matters.
But when you're not getting the results you want and how fast you want them, it might be time to consider a different route.

➡ Who am I?
I've run a freelance business as well as on many CG Marketplaces, such as Artstation, where I've ranked as top 20 seller of the year, featuring many of my tools and tutorials.
Shipped games working remotely and worked with indie and AAA studios alike with a self-taught background.
I've consulted with studios and helped to agent talent across when I couldn't have time to work for them myself.
Prior to my career in games, I've worked for Google, Blink 182, Arrow, to name a few. I've recently shipped Amnesia Rebirth and I'm working on an unannounced AAA MMORPG as a character design lead.

➡ What you get:
- Saved yourself money and time.
- Objectives and solutions for the session you'd like help with.
- Consulting with someone who's gone from working in their garage making 50$ per concept to transition to 2000$, 8000$, and up to 80,000$.
- This session is all about you though.

Before you book a session, answer questions like this:
- What's life like right now?
- What kind of legacy are you building?
- What's the average you're making now?
- What's your level of engagement in social media at the moment?
- What do you want to get out of our session?
- Is your current work process working well for you?
- What was the biggest challenge you ever faced in life?

Make sure you're in a quiet place, free from distractions, we'll record the session for you, and that's it!
Miguel Nogueira

Concept Art
Matte Painting
Traditional Painting
Character Design
Semi Realistic Cartoon
Languages Spoken:
Level Required: All Levels
Communication Avalibility:
Text Messages
Phone Call
In Person Meeting
Online Meeting Tools
Timezone Calendar: Greenwich Mean Time GMT