Style Exploration and Refinement Mentorship

Expanding upon my 2.5 hour “Critical Analysis and Application of Style” lecture on IAMAG, this mentorship will be an in-depth and personalized look when it comes to the topic of style. Over 5 weeks, I will be your mentor to aid you towards optimizing your artwork’s aesthetics for your artistic goals, otherwise known as “style”.

Each week, there will be a lecture portion discussing a key topic when it comes to style, expanding on the concepts discussed in my IAMAG series of videos. There will be an assignment each week, adjusted to cater towards your goals. By the end of the mentorship, you would have been exposed to new ideas on how to improve your work and have the tools to further develop your work as you continue the lifelong journey of art.

I will act as a mentor, teaching important lessons on analyzing art, research and bringing them to your work. I will act as a consultant, giving advice on how best to approach your style and what to improve on.

Most importantly, I will act as a fan by asking the tough questions.

While technical aspects will be discussed, they will be the means to the goal: creating the right mood, atmosphere, aesthetic and message no matter what subject matter you prefer. The full breakdown of the 5 week program can be seen below.

- Portfolio required: 4+ finished artworks
– Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate, preferably digital painting and those looking into the field of character-oriented illustration and freelancing.
- Limited to 5 students per month
- Every week, you are entitled to a one-on-one voice call (around 30 min-1 hour) for questions.

Week 1
- Personalized Video: Portfolio Review/Critique
- Lecture: Picking Subject Matter and the Style-Subject Matter Connection (30m-1h)
- Personalized Video:* Assignment 1 Description
- Written Summary of the Lecture (PDF)

Week 2
- Lecture: Getting the right Emotional Response with your Rendering Style
- Personalized Video: Assignment 1 Review/Critique
- Personalized Video: Assignment 2 Description
- Written Summary of the Lecture (PDF)

Week 3
-Lecture:* Colour and Lighting Differences across Styles
-Personalized Video: Assignment 2 Review/Critique
-Personalized Video: Assignment 3 Description
-Written Summary of the Lecture (PDF)

Week 4
-Lecture:* Composing your Artwork based on your Style to Maximize Appeal to your Audience
-Personalized Video: Assignment 3 Review/Critique
-Personalized Video: Final Assignment Description
Written Summary of the Lecture (PDF)

Week 5
-Personalized Video: Final Assignment Review/Critique and Final Words

Thank you and hope you consider me to be your mentor!

Concept Art
Matte Painting
Traditional Painting
Character Design
Semi Realistic Cartoon
Business side of Art
Comic Art
Languages Spoken:
Level Required: All Levels
Communication Avalibility:
Text Messages
Phone Call
In Person Meeting
Online Meeting Tools
Timezone Calendar: Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00