Jean-Baptiste MONGE

Jean-Baptiste was born in Nantes, France in 1971. Self-taught, very curious and full of imagination, JB Monge creates an entire universe of fairies, goblins, animals in paintings from the early 90s.

During the 16 following years, he will keep this passion alive by writing and illustrating books with a French publisher. His faery world, one of a kind, is critically acclaimed and won prizes in Europe and North America and his paintings are displayed in many exhibitions, solo and collective. In 2010, JBMonge decides to pursue his career overseas in Canada. He creates his own publishing house Goblin's WAY with his wife in order to self-publish his artworks.

Alongside his own projects, JBMonge splits also his time as Character Designer teacher in an Art school in Montreal, and as Character Designer freelancer for animation and games companies (Sony Pictures Animation, L'Atelier Animation, Blizzard entertainment to name a few)

Jean-Baptiste Monge is a passionate artist. As a teacher, his first goal is to push the limits of the student and to make the student improve his capacities following the student style.

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