Andrea Goh

Pronouns: She/Her

Andrea Goh is a jack of all trades in the CG world, and also specializes in the technical and camera aspects of animated productions. With her in depth knowledge for CG film making pipeline, Andrea can be a Swiss army knife for various roles like modeling, sculpting, rigging, cloth, tools, assembly and pipeline. Her passion in solving technical problems and wide skill sets have made her useful in many departments for notable projects as a strong team leader. Andrea also has a love for cinematography, hence spreading her passion into camera and staging as well. Andrea has participated in many talks, sharing and publications in hopes to empower more women and LGBTQ artists to join the CG world.

Andrea is currently working as a Layout Artist in the Camera & Staging department and Model Rig Artist in the Characters department at Pixar Animation Studios. She also dives into many passion and personal projects. Happy to chat about it!

Andrea Goh's Website

Short films:
- Love Death + Robots: The Witness
- Sonder
- La Noria
- Let's Eat

Feature Films:
- Cars 3 (2017)
- Coco VR + Promo (2017)
- Incredibles 2 (2018)
- Toy Story 4 (2019)
- Onward (2020)
- Soul (2020)
- Dug Days (2021)
- Pixar Popcorn (2021)
- Nona (2021)
- Lightyear (2022)

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I went into the mentorship confused and frustrated on whether or not I was making the right decisions with my career. Besides career advice, the life advice and experiences that Andrea shares helped me a lot with understanding and breaking down my struggles. I ended up learning so much about myself and felt that I really grew as an individual through the mentorship. Even now, I know Andrea is someone I can reach out to for guidance and I'm so grateful to have met her. Highly recommend taking Andrea on as a mentor!

This mentorship was all that it promised – and more since it was also super flexible and intuition-driven. Authentic and real. Andrea provided a place and atmosphere that made me feel safe and understood while making also sure that we were talking about real world requirements.

I think it was especially great that I could define our contents but was also led by her professional experience so that we covered everything important starting from my current mindset ending with application letters and job interviews.

Andrea genuinely truely cared which meant the world and was not hesitant to bring in other voices, adjust to my schedule or spend time inbetween introducing me to her true self and path. For that I am incredibly grateful. I got a much needed push through this program.

Obviously would recommend working with this amazing, capable artist in this mentorship or in any other way.

Larena about listing 1 Month: Becoming A Professional Artist 2 years ago.